Thursday, May 6, 2010

Monthly Digest

I apologize for my month hiatus from the blog. I’ve been out and about with little time to write. In fact, I just returned from a 12-hour whirlwind field trip (only in Israel!) of ancient sites in the Galil.

From Train Testing

Since my last post:

  • The Segals were here! We had a GREAT time, as you may have seen in pictures. It was wonderful to see my family for two weeks and, although three of us are together in Israel, I look forward to returning home in just over a month.

  • We commemorated Yom Ha’Shoah and Yom Ha’Zikaron, then CELEBRATED Yom Ha’Atzmaut…read more here

  • Northern Exposure…Cycling, Tivon, and Wine Tours

  • Celebrated Earth Day in Jerusalem…see photos!

  • I represented Ramah Berkshires and Outdoor Adventure at the Mishlachat training…more below.

  • AND, visited West Bank settlements, saw a Samaritan Pesach Sacrifice, then celebrated Lag Ba’Omer with all the crazies on Har Meron…click here to read on.

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