Saturday, February 13, 2010

When in Rome...

Just a quick update before I go to bed...
  • Florence on Friday was great!

  • Saw lots of wonderful things and had great pasta, pizza, wine, and gelato!

  • A note about GELATO: It is an amazing food. The texture is so creamy and flavors so rich that you can actually taste its name - cafe, mint, caramel, & Nutella!

  • We went to an authentic Italian shul today and walked the entire breadth of Rome.

  • While we've now seen a lot of the sites, tomorrow Jeff and I will return with our cameras as real tourists.

More to come...

Shavua tov!


The Romans love phallic objects. Anything of importance is itself or is centered around something tall and straight. You do the psycho-analysis...

Shoutout # 44: Lauren Abraham - You are so wonderful yourself, both as a Residence Director and a friend. But, thank you for sharing your husband with me, for a six day trip to Italy!